Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kirk Cousins: NFL Quarterback and Dog Foster

If you weren’t already a Kirk Cousins fan, you probably will be now. Some of you may know Kirk as the breakout quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Others in the DC area know him as Kirk, dog foster. Kirk’s wife Julie, who has been fostering dogs since her college days at the University of Georgia, made it clear when they started dating that this would be an expectation. Now the couple fosters dogs, one at a time, until they find them a good home.

In the past 18 months, the Cousins have fostered 7 dogs, mostly non-shedding breeds, with at least three during Kirk’s record setting season with Redskins. They are currently working with no-kill shelters Friends of Homeless Animals and Doodle Rescue, to foster and network abandoned and abused dogs and cats.

Kirk and his wife, like many others, choose fostering because it gives animal lovers like them the freedom of the long-term commitment, while helping to find these dogs and cats the right home. For the shelters, having a famous foster like Kirk is a tremendous benefit, as he can use his celebrity reach to spread awareness of how easy it is to foster an animal, while encouraging others to get involved.

Fostering helps animals that can’t help themselves and when the shelter is at capacity, fostering provides loving homes to animals in need. If you’re considering a pet, fostering is a great way to learn whether or not a particular breed is the right fit for you. If you are an animal lover who can’t have a pet due to your current living situation, there are other ways to get involved. Many shelters need volunteers to walk dogs and help out around the shelter on the weekends. You can learn more about animal fostering and volunteering by visiting or contacting your local animal shelter for more details.

You can see some of the dogs the Cousins have fostered on Kirk’s twitter page @KirrkCousins8.

You can see some of the dogs the Cousins have fostered on Kirk’s twitter page @KirkCousins8.